January Blog: Are goals worth setting?


2018 is here and I want to enjoy every day of it! Whether it be focusing on bettering myself, relaxing and reconnecting with tech-free activities (naps are my favourite) or connecting with new people, I want to get my head in the game and not regret "losing" another year.

On December 31, I gave the thought of New Year's Resolutions a whole 2 minutes of my time before dismissing them as useless. Yesterday, after re-evaluating the purpose of resolutions (or goals) over the last few days, I changed my perspective and know that goal setting is useful but creating a plan to properly achieve goals and implementing measures to hold myself accountable are the keys to successfully following through with the goals that I set.

A big trigger for this deeper reflection was a conversation that I had with a friend last week.

We were chatting about if we have any resolutions for this year. I mentioned wanting to eat better, read more and improve my vocabulary.

As the conversation continued, I elaborated on my goals more to include reading at least one book a month, alternating between fiction, business and biographies.

She excitedly jumped in to say that I should join her family’s reading competition that they do every year. After explaining the rules and (unintentionally) intimidating me with the number of books she typically reads each year, I didn’t think too much more about it. 

At least, not until my very kind friend showed up at my house with a book journal - one that was already pre-filled in with columns for the first few months, as well as the list of rules written on the last page. In addition, she remembered me mentioning my goal of improving my vocabulary, so also purchased a ‘Word of the Day’ calendar for me! So thoughtful :) 

As I reflected on my friend’s generosity and our conversations over the last few days, I decided to take the time and write down my personal and professional goals (or resolutions) for 2018.

Some of the goals I have for January include

  • Read 2 books per month
  • Write 2 blog drafts, post 1 blog per month
  • Acquire one new customer per month

With me already completing my first book of 2018, I am on my way to successfully completing this goal. In addition, my friend's actions is what will help me stay on track as she (unknowingly) has helped me to stay accountable by giving me a book journal to record all the books I read over the next  12 months.


Goals are an important part of driving and growing your business, as well as your personal life. If you have an appetence* for starting a business, changing careers or improving your life, then take out a piece of paper and pen now. Write down 3 goals that you want to achieve by January 31st. Start there and on February 1st, identify what goals were completed, exceeded or fizzled.

Repeat this process every month.

As of January 8th, I have finished my first book and started my second. My first book was by Anthony Horowitz called The House of Silk. It is a Sherlock Holmes novel, and I always love a good mystery that challenges my problem solving skills.

Now, I have moved onto my next book - Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau. Have you read this book? What are your thoughts?

Check back in February for an update on my goal planning! I would love to hear about your goals, as well as if you have any reading suggestions.

Happy 2018!


Interested in starting your own book journal, click here to see some options available at or Chapters ~ happy reading!

*Appetence - an intense longing or desire (January 3rd Word of the Day)