Celebrate the Successes!

How do you celebrate finishing a big project? All day, all night - date night!

Saturday was exactly what I needed! After working on a 500 page manual for the last three months, I finally submitted the final version on Friday. As I thought about my weekend, I decided I wanted to go to Supercrawl in Hamilton! After that, I enjoyed dinner at one of my favourite restaurants, and finished it off with a movie. 

And that's what I did! It was wonderful and funny.

Thanks to Steel City StudioSteeltown Garage Co.Fierce Deer Jewelry, and Crochet Colour Culture for all the goodies! 😊❤

Now, onto my next project!

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How Do You Complete the Sale - Even After the Customer has Walked Away?

I attended Supercrawl in Hamilton, Ontario on Saturday. I visited 42 vendor booths and 13 of them did not have any marketing materials to take with me. No business cards, no postcards, no materials at all.

How many of you have gone to a festival or fair, visited a booth that was selling something you were interested in but you wanted to think about it before purchasing said item?

I am a serial overthinker when it comes to purchasing things spur of the moment and half the time I forget to go back. [I'm aware of the irony and contradiction. :) ]

To help me remember, or give me an incentive to see what other items a business offers, I always take a business card or some promotional material from each booth to remind me who they are and why I was interested in returning. Plus, if I wanted to find them online or follow them on social media, these details would most likely be on a piece of marketing.

Tip: Remember the importance of educating your potential customers and helping them want to complete the sale. You spent quite a bit of money to have a booth at SuperCrawl; you need to ensure you are prepared for the customers who don't talk to you or are contemplating a purchase. 

Personally, if you have nothing to remind me, you are lost in the abyss and I am unlikely to return to make a purchase - today or ever (because I don't remember you or your business name).

Image: Copied from City of Hamilton web site @ https://www.hamilton.ca/attractions/festivals-events