First blog post for wordstock!!

This week, I celebrated my birthday and decided to give myself a gift - start my own writing business. I love to write and always enjoy helping others create a message that fits them and their audience.

My experience as an instructor, facilitator and entrepreneur has put me on the receiving end of some poorly written documents. From spelling errors to run-on sentences to pages of useless content, I have seen the impact these documents have had on hiring managers, funding advisors, investors, and business owners.

The people on the receiving end question why the applicant(s) didn't spend more time on their documents to fix errors before submission, and applicants usually question what went wrong when they get overlooked for someone else.

So, I started this business to help individuals create professional, error-free documents to use in their personal and business worlds.

I want to inspire confidence, pride and respect through the power of words.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to connect!

:: Jodi @ wordstock