We all need personal and professional documents to succeed in life.


Here is a list of popular documents for personal and/or employment purposes:

  • Resumes
  • Cover Letters
  • Application Forms
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Letters of Reference
  • (Sometimes employers need help writing a letter for their employees; other times, employees are asked to write their own letter.)
  • Portfolio
    (Presentations and social media profiles are the most popular requests. Recently, I created image write-ups for a photographer's web site.)
  • Cold Call/Email Scripts

Depending on the document and content, project completion will vary from 2 hours to 5 business days.

All documents can be created in text/Word, PDF, and editable PDF formats.

In addition, existing documents can be reviewed for spelling, grammar and structure, as well as updated with new content.

Send your project details for review : jodi@wordstock.ca