Proper grammar saves lives.


Virtual and print content is important when presenting yourself to a new customer, employer, partner, investor, etc. One error can deter them from connecting with you because they may question your ability, viability or the quality of your products/services, even if what you sell has nothing to do with written communication.

Content writing options include

  • Web Site Page Content
  • Social Media Articles/Posts
  • Newsletter Articles
  • Blog Content
  • Marketing Materials (content only, no design)
  • Portfolio Content

These services can be used one-time or scheduled for recurring projects. 

What is ghost writing?
Ghost writing simply means that I take your ideas and create content from them.
All content rights belong to you and/or your business, unless otherwise discussed.

In addition, if you have existing content, it can be reviewed and edited for spelling, grammar and structure.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via email at or fill out the contact form.