wordstock wants to inspire confidence, pride and respect through the power of words. 

A written document is the first step in starting a new relationship with a client or employer. wordstock wants to help you create a positive first (and last) impression.


Personal & professional

Are you looking to create or improve documents such as
a resume and cover letter?
wordstock can create documents from scratch
or review your existing documents.
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business documents

Starting a business is all about you! Let wordstock create documents to help you look professional and organized when interacting with customers - whether online
or in-person.
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wordstock can help create content for blogs, web sites, LinkedIn profiles, presentations - the sky is the limit!
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current promotions

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We all need personal and professional documents to succeed in life.


Here is a list of popular documents for personal and/or employment purposes:

  • Resumes
  • Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Personal or Professional Portfolio
    (Presentations and social media profiles are the most popular requests. Recently, I created image write-ups for a photographer's web site.)

Depending on the document and content, project completion will vary from 2 hours to 5 business days.

In addition, existing documents can be reviewed for spelling, grammar and structure, as well as updated with new content.

Send your project details for review : jodi@wordstock.ca


For start-ups and existing businesses, documents are the foundation of how your business operates. It impacts your organizational structure, reputation with potential and repeat clients, as well as your ability to grow.


Here is a list of popular documents for businesses (big, small and everywhere in between):

  • Manual/Print to Editable Documents: Typically documents for use on a web site or on-the-job. Examples include application, registration, and contact forms; checklists for safety, equipment, accidents, vacation, blogging, etc.; client intake or client history forms; workshop or event registration forms; course sign-up forms; and really any document you want to create that allows editable fields for customers to fill in.
  • Manuals: Training, Health and Safety, Onboarding, etc.
  • Downloadable Files: Convert Web Content to PDF/Word (popular for Real Estate Agents, Cookbooks/Recipes, Health and Wellness Plans, etc.)
  • Social Media & Web Site Profile Content
  • Quote & Invoice Packages
  • Project Proposals or Proposal Agreements
  • Service Agreements and Other Contracts
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Business Plans
  • Financial Spreadsheets
  • Application and/or Registration Forms
  • Terms of Use & Privacy Policy
  • Presentations and Handouts

Depending on the document and content, project completion will vary from 2 hours to 5 business days. For larger projects, timelines will vary.

In addition, existing documents can be reviewed for spelling, grammar and structure, as well as updated with new content.

Send your project details for review : jodi@wordstock.ca


Proper grammar saves lives.


Are you lacking the time or inspiration to write down ideas in an attractive way?

Virtual content is important for customers to find you and understand what products/services you offer. Just because you have have a web site or social media set-up doesn't mean that a customer knows you exist nor can they find you if you aren't appearing within the first few pages of their Google search.

By creating effective content across multiple platforms, it will increase your SEO and help your business reach more customers.

Additionally, print content is important when presenting you or your business to a new customer, employer, partner, investor, etc. Graphic designers and marketing professionals are fantastic at what they do to bring your brand to life - but their language skills are not always as strong as their design and strategy skills.

Regardless if content is online or on paper - one error can deter them from connecting with you because they may question your ability, viability or the quality of your skills or products/services, even if what you sell has nothing to do with written communication.

Content writing options include

  • Web Site Page Content

  • Social Media Articles/Posts

  • Newsletter Articles

  • Blog Content

  • Marketing Materials (content only, no design)

  • Portfolio Content

These services can be used one-time or scheduled for recurring projects. 

In addition, if you have existing content, it can be reviewed and edited for spelling, grammar and structure.

Please Note: The form of writing that I offer is called Ghost Writing.

Ghost writing simply means that I take your ideas and create content from them.
All content rights belong to you and/or your business, unless otherwise discussed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via email at jodi@wordstock.ca or fill out the contact form.

Web Site Design Package.png

We have had the opportunity to work with some amazing businesses lately that needed new or updated content for their web site, which led to requests for additional help setting up their web site, purchasing a domain and hosting, setting up their email, and even training users on login procedures and how to update content independently.

So, we will be offering a 30-day, custom web site package to start and grow your business. Our focus is on start-ups and/or business owners who primarily wish to create and use a basic web site template package provided via popular models including Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and WordPress.

Package details:

  • Project timeline is maximum 30 days *

    • Initial consultation will discuss and identify content focus, program and template, as well as site structure

    • Assistance with domain and hosting purchases and
      set-up available (additional fees for program software, template, hosting, domain fees, etc. will be provided by client)

    • All revisions will be completed within the 30-day timeline

    • One-hour training session for client to understand program access, usage and maintenance **

  • Maximum five pages (limitations do apply - please contact Jodi@wordstock.ca for more details) ***

  • Content to be created via collaboration with client and wordstock

  • Photos and videos provided by client

  • SEO per page/site

  • Cost = $799 (+HST) - promotional price valid August 1-31, 2019
    Terms: 50% deposit due on project start date; 50% due on 30th day of project or project end date (whichever date is earlier)

Additional add-on services (hourly rate):

  • Monthly maintenance (content updates, address web site issues)

  • Content writing (content for new pages, blog or newsletter content)

  • Email set-up

Please Note: We are aware of the saturated market for web site designers and developers. The owner, Jodi, has over 20 years of web design experience starting with HTML in Notepad (wink) to all the programs listed above, as well as additional coding knowledge.

FYI: This web site is made using a Squarespace template. The domain was purchased from a third-party, Canadian company - Namespro - and email was set-up via G Suite; both were seamlessly connected to this program.

Questions? Email Jodi@wordstock.ca

* If a client wishes to continue working with wordstock beyond the initial 30 days, an updated quote will be provided.

** Owner retains all administrator rights. During one-hour training session, client will be asked to change password for future use.

*** All web site programs (including the ones mentioned above) allow for more than five pages of content, videos, photos, blog, etc.
Please consult with wordstock for additional details.

PDF Play Day.png

Are your customers still filling in forms manually?

Have you ever considered converting your form(s) to an editable PDF? 🤯

By converting your text document into an editable PDF, it provides you with content you can always read and understand, data you can export for statistical/feedback purposes, and it's electronic so you always have a copy saved to your computer (vs. worrying about losing hard copies). Still hesitating? What if I offered YOU and all first-time customers the opportunity to try out an editable form at a discounted cost?

Here are the details:

  1. Convert a one-page text/Word document to an editable PDF for $30 (+HST).
    (*Please Note: the text/Word document must already be created. Additional fees may apply if the text document needs to be created or if the document is more than one page.)
    PROMO CODE: J71019-SQ

  2. PLUS, 20% OFF any additional service including document creation (resumes, forms, manuals, etc.), additional PDF conversion, content writing, or proofreading/editing services.
    PROMO CODE: J0719-SQ

Terms: Offer #1 applies to one project only per company/per person. Additional projects can qualify for 20% OFF.
Promotion deadline extended to 11:59pm on Thursday, August 1, 2019.

If you have any questions or would like a quote on a project, please email Jodi@wordstock.ca

In May, we celebrated Resu-MAY month, by hosting a "speed" resume reviewing session and are currently planning to offer another set of sessions in September and October.

Session details:

  • This is FREE to anyone who wants their existing resume reviewed.

  • Each review will last 15 minutes (max.) with a one-on-one conversation between Jodi and you to discuss your job search path, current resume strengths, as well as suggestions for improvement including structure, style, grammar, and spelling.

  • Please bring a hard (print) copy of your resume with you.

  • Note: Resumes will not be created or digitally revised during this session.

  • Additional promotion details will be given to in-person attendees!

To pre-register, email Jodi@wordstock.ca

*Dates and location will be listed by Tuesday, September 3rd.*

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